Restoration & Repair

The Art of Repair & Restoration is more than just grinding away dings and dents. Keeping the integrity of the putter, its sharp lines, it's shape, its pure look, and an overlooked aspect, the weight is an art form developed over many years. We take pride in our restoration work, because we know what a putter can mean sentimentally to someone. A family hand down, a fathers gamer, let us bring it back to life.

BGDS offers Restoration & Repair for most putter models. Rust, bag chatter, dings, dents, chipped paint, faded milling are common for gamers, but that doesn't mean you can't bring it back to life. BGDS can remove most imperfections and bring your flat stick back to its original, factory condition.

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Circa 62 Re-Millng face grooves. Our state of the art CNC machine will remove face imperfections and re-mill grooves 1/3 the thickness of a human hair, maintaing the depth of the face "Scotty Cameron" inlays to hold paint.