BGDS offers a variety of custom finishes to suite your personal preference. From coatings to Electrochemical, we can create the desired finish you're looking for.
Cameron Factory Mist

BGDS is one of the only refinishing services capable of replicating the Scotty Cameron Factory stock stainless "mist" finish. A bright, satin stainless finish reduces glare, and looks factory. Perfect for restoration of original putters.

Cameron Classic Black Oxide

The "Original" factory finish of early Scotty Cameron Classics & Tei3's. Shiny Black Oxide has a high shine and deep black finish. Perfect for restoration projects. *Available for Carbon Steel heads only.

Cameron Factory "Honey Dip" (Stainless)

The "Honey Dip" finish is a Scotty Cameron Factory finish for 2010-2011 California Model Scotty Cameron Putters. A goldish/copper satin finish, with polished face and "Sun" on the California sole. Perfect for restoration projects.

Classic Oil Can (Carbon Steel Only)

BGDS's Classic Oil Can finish replicates the classic Scotty Cameron "Oil Can" finish from the late 1990's. Subtle colorful variations are visible within the deep dark oil finish.

Oil Can (Stainless)

BGDS's Oil Can finish is the first to be offered on both Carbon, and Stainless Steel. A deep brown with a unique Oily finish. Oil Can has a vintage feel, and is used in restoration of Cameron *Oil Can putters, or customizing your new putter for a unique look.

Oil Can Mist

Oil Can Mist is the first to be offered on both Carbon, and Stainless Steel. A deep grayish brown with a unique matte "Mist" finish. Oil Can Mist has a vintage feel, and is great for players who want minimal reflection while addressing putts.

Matte Black

Our most popular black finish, micro-thin and heat cured for extra durability. the Matte Finish is as flat as it gets. Almost has a chalkboard look to it. The best anti-reflection you'll find, Matte Black creates a nice canvas for custom paint and stamping.

Satin Black

A deep solid black with a satin finish. Micro-thin and heat cured for extra durability. Satin Black is right in between a Glossy and Matte matte black sheen. This finish is great for anti-reflection without looking too flat or textured.

Raw Steel Mist

Raw Steel Mist is an uncoated, untreated bead blast super matte finish. Anti-reflective, and rugged, This is your putter in its raw form. Great for hiding nicks and dings, or for the guy who likes a deep matte finish. Carbon or Stainless steel.

Polished Steel

Raw steel blasted, buffed, and polished. Our Polished Steel produces a dull mirror type of affect of the raw steel. Reflective and clean, this finish is good for new or refinished putters with little to no chatter. A good canvas for any typre of paint infill scheme.