Custom paint fill is available for any type of putter. We offer unlimited color combinations and customization. We are always adding colors to our catalog, if you don't see a color you're looking for, be sure to ask us if it's available before choosing another color.

Gloss White

Gloss Cream

Gloss Yellow

Gloss Green

Gloss Light Blue

Gloss Bright Blue

Gloss Dark Blue

Gloss Purple

Masters Green

Gloss Red

Gloss Dark Red

Gloss Orange

Gloss Wood

Gloss Light Brown

Gloss Brown

Gloss Gray

Gloss Black

Red Metal Flake

Blue Metal Flake

Green Metal Flake

Gold Metal Flake




Metallic Gold

Metallic Silver

Metallic Copper

Metallic Red

Metallic Gray

Metallic Black

Flat Violet

Gloss Turquoise

Flat Sunflower

Sublime Green

Bright Gloss Orange

Bright Gloss Pink

Flat White

Flat Yellow

Flat Green

Flat Beret Green

Flat Army Olive

Flat Sea Blue

Flat Sky Blue

Flat Red

Flat Light Tan

Flat Desert Tan

Flat Military Brown

Flat Steel

Flat Rust

Flat Gray

Flat Black

Transparent Blue

Transparent Yellow

Transparent Green

Transparent Orange

Transparent Red

Gloss Clear



Purple Metal Flake